Olga of Kiev Was a Serious Badass – GUF Edition

Or, LOOK OVER HERE, CLICK BAITY VIKINGS Western culture, especially American culture, is really obsessed with Vikings these days. It’s both annoying, and seriously problematic. I don’t know if the store selling Viking merch is grabbing on to a trend, or trying to recruit Neo-Nazis. It’s something I’m complained about before, and the issue isn’tContinue reading “Olga of Kiev Was a Serious Badass – GUF Edition”

Who’s the Rightful Queen, Anyway?

Or, a call to restore Mary I and Catherine of Aragon Hey! I’m not dead. I swear, still healthy and alive over here. Or, at least alive. Coping with a global pandemic kind of takes the piss out of life. But, I’m back! So, let’s get on with the geneaology! How do you determine whoContinue reading “Who’s the Rightful Queen, Anyway?”

There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Movie – Except There Is, and It’s The Prince of Egypt

Or, a Jew does Jewy things during a Jewy time You know what’s awesome? Throwing your back out in the middle of a pandemic when you live by yourself and are five feet away from your phone. And by awesome I mean the worst fucking thing ever. After enduring the most painful five foot crawlContinue reading “There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Movie – Except There Is, and It’s The Prince of Egypt”

In Search of the Ultimate Lancastrian

Or, an attempt to restore the reputation of Mary I I like John of Gaunt.  I think he was a pretty awesome guy.  He certainly had a huge impact on England, and, genealogically speaking, a massive impact on the world.  You know.  With his dick. I’ve talked a lot about him, but never his wholeContinue reading “In Search of the Ultimate Lancastrian”